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Using a platform can be a powerful thing. It can amplify. Unite. Confront. Educate. A platform can raise a person’s voice and their view of the world. The person on that platform can influence others and provide access to knowledge and opportunities. Our society has constructed platforms for some voices to soar, while others have been left muted. Project Pilgrimage would like to change that.

Platform is our newest program which will aim to amplify voices, particularly in marginalized communities, to confront and illuminate issues that matter to our collective progress. 

Yes, this will be over Zoom for the foreseeable future. We cannot allow the fatigue of video conference to curb amplification. The forces that divide and oppress are not taking any days off during the pandemic. We hope to extend Platform into the future, when we can occupy spaces together. Until then, we choose to believe that the world can change through physical distance.

Here are the details. Platform will convene every other month. We will highlight a speaker or two and a theme for them to discuss. Afterwards, there will be a question and answer portion. We will ask for a donation for this program and appreciate your support more than you know.

The opportunity to learn together with Platform creates a rich and provocative space. Watch out for Platform announcements through email and social media!