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Community gathers to discuss Dr. King’s elusive dream

Sharayah Lane

Approximately one hundred people gathered on Monday at Martin Luther King Memorial Park to celebrate the 54th anniversary of Dr. King’s infamous “I Have a Dream” speech. It was a hot afternoon and despite the unnecessary gaggle of SPD officers lingering in the parking lot across the hillside, everyone seemed to be in good spirits. Read More

A history of violence and activism

Sharayah Lane

“It’s not something you read that causes you to change … It’s when you see other individuals fight against the system; believing that justice will come, even if you have to lose your life.”

– Dr. Bernard Lafayette

The severity of the violence that took place in Charlottesville has made it very difficult to write about. There has been a need for processing that began with simply getting over the shock that something like that could still happen in our country. The display of hatred and violence that we have all seen was one that represents the reality of racism and discrimination that has existed in our country since its foundation, and one that many of us thought we’d moved past.

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Pilgrimage Reflection from Isis

Isis, pilgrimage alumni and our newest communications intern, reflects on her experiences on the spring pilgrimage. She artfully displays some of the people we met, places we visited and moving messages.

We have so many incredible stops on our pilgrimage journey, but it is always a little like coming home when we visit Willie Thorton, his family and the congregation at First Baptist Church in Montgomery, AL. When our big bus arrives they are always in the parking lot waiting to greet each and every one of us with a big hug. Anyone who has joined us on the pilgrimage experience knows the drill. We arrive to an outpouring of love and are then immediately filed into the church basement to begin our choir practice. Read More