Project Pilgrimage Programs

We build interracial and intergenerational community

Project Pilgrimage offers three community programs, each centered on developing, cementing, and then launching and supporting citizens as they grow into impactful leaders. Each program takes aim at preparing us to thrive in interracial and intergenerational environments.


The concept for a civil rights pilgrimage was conceived in the summer of 2013 and we have learned a great deal along the way. In past months and years we have spent time listening, learning and growing together as the contexts of racial justice have continued to change. We have seen the Black Lives Matter movement emerge through the hard-won lessons and the unfinished business of the civil rights movement. Our deeply divided political environment demands all of our attention and participation in continuing the work started by civil rights leaders. We as a nation are in need of dialogue and understanding and we are fully committed to doing all we can to effect change.

Due to the enormous demand and interest in the civil rights pilgrimages, participation is a selective and intentional process. We are looking to include a broad range of folks with these characteristics in mind:

  • A fundamental desire to study the arc of the Black American freedom struggle
  • A clear, determined commitment to racial and social justice
  • A belief in the value and essentiality of cross-racial relationship-building
  • A collective full investment in all aspects of the experience
  • Diversity across racial, age, gender, and economic standings

For dates and more information about our civil rights pilgrimage, please see the Pilgrimage page.


At Project Pilgrimage we are called to action in continuing the work started by our civil rights leaders. We are committed to interracial intergenerational dialogue in our community. The impact of reflection and sharing in interracial and intergenerational spaces has moved many of us to erase the spaces between us, to begin to make progress towards healing. This September we are offering a two part series of interracial intergenerational Conversations Across Difference. Join us on September 18th and 25th 5:00 – 7:30pm when we will come together to listen reflect and share about the racial silo’s in our communities.


We build community, we build relationships.

We have two goals. First, to deepen and broaden our footprint in our local communities. Second, we always look to widen the circle of community and deepen the engagement between and across our differences. Join us for these rotating series of conversations across difference. With C.A.D. we will be curating an offering that will range from discussions on contemporary issues facing our own community to sharing our perspectives on books, films and other ways to bring together topics of discussion. This program offers dimension and accessibility to continue to build on interracial and intergenerational difference.

Open to all:

This program is open to all community members. We will provide education, preparation, community, and support as people engage and reflect. We grow when we commit to building community in all of its many facets.

To sign up please register here.


Our democracy is at great risk. We are confronting dangerous levels of economic insecurity and inequality; corrosive political polarization; deep and unaddressed racial and ethnic divides; and political leaders who are either unable or unwilling to help us find the better angels of our nature. But these times are not unprecedented, nor are these challenges insurmountable.

If we wish to make progress and move towards a more just and perfect union, we must do so together. We must build community and spend time listening to one another with compassion and intention. We must seek inspiration from the stories of those who refused to bend to overwhelming odds, and instead chose to join the long march of those who came before us.

Please consider joining a four-month journey of mutual learning and community building. We will spend one month each with a different book for four months, engaging in community discussions, facilitated exercises, and more, as we stand up and stand together to help create the world we want to live in, and build the future we want to leave to the next generation.

For more information, please visit the Inspiring Chapters page.