Project Pilgrimage Programs

Project Pilgrimage offers four programs of action, each centered on developing, cementing, and then launching and supporting young adults as they grow into impactful leaders prepared to thrive in inter-racial and inter-generational environments.


We began our civil rights pilgrimages in 2014 and have conducted six since then. Each of them  have been deeply impactful experiences. Today we are experiencing a re-emergent civil rights movement with a coalition of organizations and people, united by the vision that Black Lives Matter. We are a nation deeply in need of dialogue, and the impact of these pilgrimages has never been more needed. Due to the high demand and interest in the civil rights pilgrimages, participation is a highly selective process. We seek to include a broad range of folks with these characteristics in mind:

  • Diversity across racial, age, gender, and economic standings
  • A fundamental desire to study the arc of the Black American freedom struggle
  • A clear, determined commitment to racial and social justice
  • A belief in the value and essentiality of cross-racial relationship-building
  • A collective full investment in all aspects of the experience

We conduct the pilgrimages twice a year, in early spring and early autumn. For more information, please see the 2017 Pilgrimage page.


We offer two kinds of partnership opportunities. First, we place pilgrimage student alumni in positions of professional development with vital partner organizations and institutions in King County and beyond. These positions range from a few months to a year in length, and they incubate ideas and relationships, provide groundings in varying models of social change, and provide spaces to do essential work. These are opportunities to dive deep into a specific social justice domain, to work with a difference-making organization and to try avenues for potential careers. Second, we provide opportunities for student alumni to work with community groups in research, development, and the building of pilgrimage-similar experiences. These might be focused on educational arenas, law and justice, health care, or other spaces for partnered groups. These are opportunities to work in collaboration with fellow agents of change on enacting the pilgrimage values—bringing together diverse groups for authentic community-building that spurs inspiration and experimentation—to more communities. Pilgrimage student alumni interested in such partnerships should talk with us.


We offer associateships that are intended to help pilgrimage alumni build solid foundations for professional pursuits. The associateships are 6 months in length and support people in building a grounding in values, actions, relationships, and goals. Associates commit to three kinds of engagement. First, they are paired with pilgrimage alumni with expertise in one of four vital social justice domains: law and justice; health and medicine; social work and counseling; or university graduate programs. Student alumni meet regularly with this mentor to discuss career goals and are introduced to broader networks. Second, Associates work collaboratively as a cohort to imagine, plan, and execute a once-a-year all-community gathering to ignite activism and spark celebration. This curated evening of story telling, poetry, music, essays, art and actions, by and about our richly diverse communities, brings us together to share in our work and our dreams. Any and all pilgrimage alumni are invited and encouraged to bring family, friends and community. Third, Associates design and implement a three-step pathway of activism on one social justice issue of significance in our communities. Each step builds an understanding of perspectives and offers opportunities for direct action. Points of focus might include cause and effect, solutions offered though non-profit work, civic government, agencies and private sectors. In becoming an Associate, student alumni grow and further become leaders in foundational community-based ways. Associates receive a stipend of $1,500 for six months and they commit 10 hours a week. Application materials are due twice a year for review by a small committee of pilgrimage alumni.


We offer a summer intensive learning opportunity for 7-10 young pilgrimage alumni to learn from community leaders who are invested in leadership development. This runs five consecutive full days in July or August (dates for summer 2017 still to be set), and participants will spend time with local leaders drawn from non-profit, government, educational, and professional sectors. Each day will emphasize a specific domain of potential professional opportunity: law and justice; medicine and health; education; business; and communications. Mornings are spent in hands-on workshops and exercises, and afternoons are times of reflection and application.  Applications are due May 1 each year and are reviewed by a small committee of pilgrimage alumni.


To apply for Project Pilgrimage programs, please visit our application form page.

If interested in our future pilgrimages, please visit our Pilgrimage page for more information.