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* Inspiring Chapters UPDATE

We knew when we started the Inspiring Chapters conversations that this third edition, with a focus on conversations across political differences, would likely gather the least participation. And disappointingly, that has turned out to be so. 

We are planning to launch another set of Inspiring Chapters conversations in early 2019, with our focus being across racial and generational lines. A commitment to inter-racial and inter-generational understanding are core to our mission with Project Pilgrimage, and infuse all of our community efforts. We are excited to be hosting conversations to deepen our community ties with one another and understand our place in this world.

Community gatherings of inspiration, challenge, and resolve

These are challenging times.

Our democracy is at great risk. We are confronting corrosive political polarization; deep and unaddressed racial and ethnic divides; and political leaders who are either unable or unwilling to help us find the better angels of our nature. But these challenges are not insurmountable by We, the People.

If we wish to make progress and move towards a more just and perfect union, we must do so together. We must build community and spend time listening to one another with compassion and intention. To look for inspiration from the stories of those who refused to bend to overwhelming odds, and who instead chose to contribute to the long marches toward freedom, equality, and opportunity. We can do the same.

Please consider joining a journey of mutual learning and community building.

Inspiring Chapters will launch a second season Spring 2019. Please look for our sign up soon!