Inspiring Chapters

Project Pilgrimage Programs

Community gatherings of inspiration, challenge, and resolve

These are challenging times.

Our democracy is at great risk. We are confronting corrosive political polarization; deep and unaddressed racial and ethnic divides; and political leaders who are either unable or unwilling to help us find the better angels of our nature. But these challenges are not insurmountable by We, the People.

If we wish to make progress and move towards a more just and perfect union, we must do so together. We must build community and spend time listening to one another with compassion and intention. We must seek inspiration from the stories of those who refused to bend to overwhelming odds, and who instead chose to contribute to the long marches toward freedom, equality, and opportunity. We can do the same.

Please consider joining a journey of mutual learning and community building. Across three months, we will listen to one podcast each month and then engage in community discussions spurred by the content in the podcast. These discussions will include a range of facilitated exercises to help us connect and stand together to create the world we want to live in, and build the future we want to leave to the next generation.

With the goal of creating robust and diverse understandings, participants in this edition of Inspiring Chapters are asked to do three things: (a) personally commit to listen to a current-events podcast selected by organizers for each of three months, (b) join a larger group meeting each month to come together to talk about the the ideas and issues raised in the podcast, and (c) enlist one person to join you in this experience. We’re asking that you invite a “community partner” to participate with you who sometime since 2000 voted for a major-party (Republican or Democratic) statewide or national candidate in an election in which you chose the other major-party candidate. We are at a point in our nation’s history when it is no longer enough to live in siloes. We must be intentional in sharing inspiration, learning from one another, and building diverse community. Participating with someone who is meaningful in your life is one important way to practice these important values.

The community conversations will be held the evenings of September 6, October 4, and November 1. Each evening we will meet 6 to 9 pm at Washington Hall, located at 153 14th Ave. in Seattleā€™s Central District. The cost for participation is $50. This covers the participation fee of your community partner as well. Inspiring Chapters will be limited to 100 sign-ups, thereby allowing 200 participants in total including community partners.

Details and registration are here: