Inspiring Chapters

Project Pilgrimage Programs

Community gatherings of inspiration, challenge, and resolve

Our democracy is at great risk. We are confronting dangerous levels of economic insecurity and inequality; corrosive political polarization; deep and unaddressed racial and ethnic divides; and political leaders who are either unable or unwilling to help us find the better angels of our nature. But these times are not unprecedented, nor are these challenges insurmountable.

If we wish to make progress and move towards a more just and perfect union, we must do so together. We must build community and spend time listening to one another with compassion and intention. We must seek inspiration from the stories of those who refused to bend to overwhelming odds, and instead chose to join the long march of those who came before us.

Please consider joining a four-month journey of mutual learning and community building. We will spend one month each with a different book for four months, engaging in community discussions, facilitated exercises, and more, as we stand up and stand together to help create the world we want to live in, and build the future we want to leave to the next generation.

With the goal of creating a more robust and diverse community, participants in Inspiring Chapters are asked to both (a) commit themselves to the readings and our monthly meetings and (b) enlist one person to join them for the whole journey. This person will be your “community partner.” We are currently in the midst of an Inspiring Chapters series July-October in which 130+ people are partnered across generations in learning and listening. It’s inspiring and empowering! Our next series will begin in January 2018. For those four books, we ask that partners be of a different racial identity, defined as two people who self-identify in different racial terms. We recognize that asking someone from a different racial background could have some ambiguity and even potentially be uncomfortable for some. This is part of the experience. We are at a point in our nation’s history when it is no longer enough to read books on our own. We must begin to take personal responsibility in sharing inspiration and building community. Partnering with someone on this journey is a small but important way to practice these important values.

Please watch this space for registrations, to begin in mid-October.