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A note about Common Purpose

One thing we know for sure is that racial justice must be pursued on multiple fronts. Over the past decade in America we have seen the creation and spread of voter suppression techniques in many states; these function as updated versions of the poll taxes and literacy tests that the Civil Rights Movement fought against. In response to these new laws, in spring 2018 we rolled out a new program Common Purpose, with a focus on voter registration, voter education, and voter mobilization. In Common Purpose we have been activating, educating and engaging our citizenry in a variety of communities across this country, registering voters and working to move the needle on equity and the promise of democracy for all.

The response by our community to our call to action exceeded all our expectations. Over 300 of you came to our meetings, engaged in our democracy and took action,  looking to contribute in various capacities. We could not be more grateful for the passion each of you bring to our work together.

We are thrilled and proud to now announce that Project Pilgrimage will launch Common Purpose as a standalone entity this month. In order to do this work freely and unconfined, to the level we know is necessary, Common Purpose must work in the political arena, unrestricted by nonprofit regulations and rules. This past week Common Purpose was registered as a federal Political Action Committee. Wave 2 will begin on August 8 able to do this necessary and principled work with full throated capacity!

One role we take pride in at Project Pilgrimage has been acting as a catalyzing space for innovative programming that seeks to further our shared mission and values. We could not be more excited to launch Common Purpose as its own entity. We stand alongside Common Purpose and all the volunteers, in close alignment, with connection of vision, values, people and goals!


We Go Together.

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