Common Purpose

Project Pilgrimage - About

Common Purpose is a civic engagement program designed to educate and activate anyone interested in local and national politics. It’s free and non-partisan.

Democracy needs everyone, we need you.

In March 2018 we launched Common Purpose and this is what we do! This program provides an on-ramp to civic engagement, with people learning the steps involved in becoming more active in voter registration and voter participation programs.

View the current 2018 Common Purpose schedule here.

We have two goals:

First, to educate a public about how one takes action in support of our democracy. Second, to build a body of people who learn from, laugh and grow with, and care about one another. Through community gatherings, collective learning, and learning about democracy in action we create and share a common purpose. Our program will move through four steps.

▪ Step One – Civics Foundation: We identify and discuss foundational nuts and bolts of the American democratic process, in particular political parties, issue agendas, campaigns, and voting rights. We seek to educate and catalyze.

▪ Step Two – Focused Engagement: We learn about what voter engagement looks like in Washington state and across the nation in “swing states” and “swing districts” — locations where civic action is vitally important for the future of America.

▪ Step Three – Political Boot Camp: We educate about basic types of volunteer work for U.S. voter engagement, and interested people can choose to team up to try hands-on democratic action.

 Step Four – Action: People are ultimately empowered to make choices about working on voter engagement in Washington state and across America, partnering with organizations that do this civic work. You are ready to become engaged!

Open to all:

This program is non-partisan, free, and open to all. We will provide education, community-connections, and support as people learn about voter engagement in American democracy. People who want to engage can do it from their homes or out in the public. It takes all of us!

2018 + 2019 + 2020

The program runs in two waves each of the next three years: twice in 2018, twice in 2019, and twice in 2020. Each year participants will learn about how to engage hands-on in the democratic arena, in voter registration and/or voter-participation. The more of us who can vote and do vote, the better our democracy!