Project Pilgrimage Spring 2017 Video Recap


We would like to say thank you to all our pilgrimage alumni and contributors that help make what we do possible.  Thanks to all the people and organizations that educate, inspire, and empower us.  Thank you to Nathan Bean for putting together this video from the spring 2017 pilgrimage.

Proximity was the word of the night at the first annual Project Ignite event.  Read More

Day 1: Nashville + Highlander

We started our journey at the Civil Rights Room at the Nashville public library. Freedom Riders Dr. Bernard Lafayette and Dr. Rip Patton met us. Read More

The next morning I wake up in New Market, Tennessee. I head down a gravel road to Highlander’s Workshop Center, nestled on top of “the hill”. Octagonal in shape, I would later learn—as the story goes—following Highlander’s forced relocation from Monteagle, TN to New Market, no one would agree to build for Highlander except a vacation home contractor. Many of the Highlander buildings, now more than 50 years old, were only meant to stand temporarily.

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