Breaking Bread

Do The Right Thing

Do you see what I see?  Let’s talk narrative. Let’s talk.

We are excited to continue our Breaking Bread conversation and dinner series with a discussion of Spike Lee’s film, Do the Right Thing. This important film about race in American culture burst onto the national consciousness and started a conversation about race that we are still having 30 years later. Centering racial tension, gentrification and the combustible conditions that spark and eventually burn, this film is as relevant today as when Lee made it in 1989. Love and hate, violence and nonviolence, how do we do the right thing?

Breaking Bread is about radical inclusion, reflective storytelling and deep listening. Please consider hosting a dinner and discussion.



Consider these things when building your Breaking Bread dinner:

  • Invite a diverse group of folks who are interested in going deep, listening and sharing.
  • There is no ‘right’ answer to any question or prompt. Listening is critical. Including a diversity of experiences and opinions around the table is important. Too often we surround ourselves with an echochamber, instead aim for a depth of participation.
  • We provide an agenda for the evening, complete with guideposts, prompts and rules of engagement. These act as a framework to create ambitious conversation and to take the conversation where you want it to go.

The flow of the evening

We have programmed 3 hours from start to finish, but as always, time is in your hands. Every dinner is different. Success is in the connections.

Our June Breaking Bread dinner is happening around dinner tables across Seattle (and beyond). Come be a part of the conversation.



Breaking Bread 2019

What is Breaking Bread? We’re glad you asked! Breaking Bread is a radical idea to convene our diverse communities in our dining rooms, kitchens, and backyards on a single night, across Seattle (and beyond), to share a meal and begin a conversation about experience, race and identity in a new way. 

At Project Pilgrimage we are all about keeping exchange alive. We thrive on discussion, across race, across generation, across gender. We create spaces and places where we explore our stories and each others worlds. Where we listen deeply to learn and build the vibrant community we want to live into. Because we believe in the power of the circle, we created Breaking Bread as a celebration of sharing and connection. We can think of no better place to do this work than around our dinner tables, in our homes, across our nation.

You host the dinner, build the guest list and Project Pilgrimage will provide the evening programming for a rich conversation.  We know that at the end of the night you’ll leave having created bonds, gained new understandings, and may even change some long held perspectives.

We are offering a series of four differently themed Breaking Bread evenings throughout 2019. Each dinner is a stand alone conversation and will explore themes of race, identity and experiences in our lives. Please join us for one or for all.

Each dinner table will host 4-10 diverse, interracial, intergenerational guests. Your table mates will share a willingness and curiosity to open dialogue, contribute their story and listen deeply to what is shared by others.H

#1 Spring 2019 – March 21st

The American Mosaic

Who I am defines my American experience: we open our Breaking Bread dinner series with a necessary look at our identities, communities, and the established values it takes to explore, listen and understand each other.

March 21st 2019 *Dinner Date 


#2 Summer 2019 – June 14th

Do you see what I see?

Art is a powerful narrative shaper of our culture. On this evening we will come together having seen a shared movie. Using storytelling and circle prompts we will investigate our perspectives, interpretations and experiences. We explore our own perspectives and challenge our views through listening to others in our shared space.

June 14th 2019 *Dinner Date 


#3 Fall 2019 – September 12th

What is the story of your community?

We all crave belonging and a sense of connection. Community and fellowship. Who we surround ourselves with influences who we become and how we live our lives; our community shapes us and we shape our community. This evening, we reflect on our communities; examining those we have formed, how we exist in them. We share stories of meaning and belonging in our lives.

September 12th 2019 *Dinner Date 


#4 Winter 2019 – November 14th

The anatomy of gratitude and traditions

Join us as we end a year of Breaking Bread dinners with a meditation on the anatomy of gratitude and power of traditions in our lives. On this evening we share our stories of belonging, reflect on the traditions that ground us and once again find the power of friendship in sharing the intimacies of our shared lives.

November 14th 2019 *Dinner Date 

Let’s eat!