Project Pilgrimage Approach

Self-examination. Diverse relationship building. Immersive learning 

Project Pilgrimage’s approach includes a three-part methodology. We begin with community building and work to understand our collective racial histories. We then step into an immersive pilgrimage, which brings together deep self-examination, diverse relationship building, and intense learning about the people and strategies within racial, gender, and sexual freedom movements in the United States. Always, we go together.


A pilgrimage is a journey of moral significance undertaken in a spirit of collectivity and community.

At Project Pilgrimage, we bring together diverse groups of people to dive deep into the struggles for racial, gender, and sexual justice and equality. We exam movements of the past to compel us to break barriers of all kinds and to make lasting change.

If you are interested in participating in our Pilgrimage, please visit our Pilgrimage page for more information and to apply.


A pilgrimage experience impacts us in both expected and surprising ways.  Project Pilgrimage hosts dedicated group conversations, individualized mentoring, facilitative exercises and feedback to enrich and support the work of reflection. We contemplate, talk, write, listen, and imagine. Finally, we take action to change our communities after all we have studied, seen and learned.


Impacted, changed and energized, we stand ready for new and renewed commitments to actions in our communities.

Communication is the heartbeat in this process: listening across our racial, gender, sexual, economic, ideological, and other differences moves us beyond stereotypes to see and care about each other. Three distinct streams intersect throughout these steps in our work.